Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Cat in The Hat at Granville Island is worth seeing

When I market my psychic services on facebook, I only market to woman. Woman make up 95% of my clientele and I can't be bothered with the male sex unless it's for a bachelorette party. It's different if I'm working for a studio and men walk in but generally I'm weary (I misspelled weary and my guide told me, lol)  of putting myself in difficult situations.

My life through the eyes of my highschool friend flashed through my head last night. Bitterness about her. I was, and can be a self absorbed person . Understanding the difficulties that she presumably went through has been awakened in her head. My guides send me this information in order for me to accept and understand people. I understand that maybe she valued my friendship and wasn't intentionally trying to harm me as I presumed. Neither of our lives were easy. 
The discussion of my life spanned through my highschool friend to some of my teachers till it reached my first job. The manger described my first interview. I didn't even know it was an interview. My father just told me to go in and talk to the manger. I was embarrassed when he expected a resume and I was wearing a tanktop. 

My guides tell me to be a good mother. I try to be. My son can be difficult and acts up if we alter his routine at all. Granaville Island is putting on a play called, The Cat in the Hat. It was excellent and my son enjoyed it. Putting him in a different location away from home was distressing for him. He refused to get off the floor of the bus on the way home. I had to carry him half the way because he did the banana (limply refusing to proceed), he spat on my brother (I didn't know that he could spit), and wouldn't stop beating on on his sister and the kids in the park. It was a hard day on both of us. I know he had fun but at what cost?

On a side note. I'm in the process of obtain a Bio 12 text book so I can refresh my memory on basic human anatomy. It will only help me understand the functioning of the human body and how each neuron processes and how neurotransmitters affect behavior and into the brain. I love studying the brain and behavior. I wonder if psychics have a portion of their brain that is overly developed as a result of them trying to figure out what others are thinking. This question probably hasn't been address but maybe I can find similar results.

Anyways. Love to my children.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Religion and marriage.

Bear this in mind, I have two children with my boyfriend and we are not married. We own property together and are in a common law partnership.

Being socially responsible is to follow social patterns and rules. Society naturally objects to those who oppose it's social codes. Why do we get married? Without an in depth analysis of marriage at hand my speculations are thus. 
Religion dictates to us that it is morally right to be married to our spouse before we copulate with them.
Why? The paternity of children was hard to determine before the invent of marriage. Therefore woman controlled the lineage of their children when religion didn't control whom they slept with. Take a look at early biblical texts. In the bible, a woman would be stoned to death if raped. Why? Because the male lineage would be questioned. It's a basic way in which to control a civilization, lineage.

As more and more woman are becoming educated and engaging themselves within the workforce. They find less time in to find a suitable mate who wishes to have children within the time frame that permits them to do so. These men wish to be boys forever. Playing video games and staying up late. It's profitable from an economic basis, they spend more money on entertainment. These men are unsuitable as mates because they don't want to be parents. Too bad for the woman.

It doesn't have to be. Surround yourself with other woman who will help you raise your children. Friends, family and find a father (a male who has proven to be a decent father to his children) who will be a donor. Eliminate these men from the gene pool and you'll find that society will produce men that wish to father children. 

In short, don't be ashamed of your basic biological wants. The woman who will make it are made to adapt. 

Sooooo tired. Hope that was helpful. Power to you. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

March 2, 2013

"Pleasure is the object, the duty, and the goal of all rational creatures." Voltaire

Voltaire's comment is valid but misleading. The pursuit of pleasure is an unconscious decision in most cases but we must first look at the topic of pleasure. Pleasure can mask our trauma which can lead to emotional unbalances such as not getting along with others. As I've mention in previous posts, our values are at the heart of our pleasure seeking. Are we trying to mask the pain we felt from our childhood? An amazing psychic I know named Cindy works with people's messages they received in the womb. Her theory is that as  a fetus we took on our mothers emotional pain and situational angst that we absorbed.

Often seeking to nurture oneself is the result of feeling disconnected from their parents. When we look back into our childhood do we see a pattern of longing for affection and love that wasn't necessarily there?  The Enneagramn talks about people who are Seven, they seek pleasure in their lives in order not to feel pain. Without pain there are no answers.

Assorted, my past is. I am not ashamed of it as society would like me to be. I know people with better positions in life (jobs, money etc..) who have used more drugs than I've ever thought about. The owner of a store I worked at, would snort coke at staff parties in the bathroom no one called him a drug addict because he owned the store and signed the cheques. I thought this to be such a double edge sword, drug use. Pleasure is acceptable in our society but just as long as we can function within it.

If you don't fit into society by buying the right clothing, talking to the right people and making enough money you could be outcast as being a drug addict or whatever society doesn't accept. The people with power and money are dangerous. We are taught to respect them because they can destroy lives and outcast people without a thought to their well being.  I do not use drugs, I can barley handle caffeine. Nor do I enjoy the company of people who are using because it messes with my spiritual vibes but I associate with such people on a daily basis because it's pleasurable and addictive to do so. I accept them in my life though as it is my goal in life to love unconditionally. When we are forced to associate with people who have obvious drug and alcohol problems we look past these social stigmas and accept them. Lets extend a little kindness to those with problems, this kindness could be the reason they were looking for to kick their habit.

The interesting thing about drugs and alcohol is that they are often used as a way to mask feelings. I have met many people who would and can be healers but they are so sensitive to the universe that they can't handle it. This sensitivity often leads to drug use. I could barely talk to people let alone leave the house without drinking at one point in my life. I felt uptight. I would agonize about going to parties in highschool and sometimes hang out a block away from them, thinking about going but being so shy and uptight about socialization that I couldn't face a group of people. When I started drinking, it was as if my burden was lifted and I could finally talk to people.

Pema Chodron's book, No Time To Loose has been a source of inspiration in my daily life. If I would have read her book when I was 10 years old I would have said to myself, AH HA this is what I believe. I have search many religions and sources of inspiration for answer in what I believe. She summed it up in the Way of the Bodhisattva. Maybe I should buy the book in order to give it to others.

Sin has been abandoned, thus there  is no pain.
Mind is skilled, and thus there is no sorrow.
For it is that mind and body both
Are injured by false views and sinfulness.