Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Cat in The Hat at Granville Island is worth seeing

When I market my psychic services on facebook, I only market to woman. Woman make up 95% of my clientele and I can't be bothered with the male sex unless it's for a bachelorette party. It's different if I'm working for a studio and men walk in but generally I'm weary (I misspelled weary and my guide told me, lol)  of putting myself in difficult situations.

My life through the eyes of my highschool friend flashed through my head last night. Bitterness about her. I was, and can be a self absorbed person . Understanding the difficulties that she presumably went through has been awakened in her head. My guides send me this information in order for me to accept and understand people. I understand that maybe she valued my friendship and wasn't intentionally trying to harm me as I presumed. Neither of our lives were easy. 
The discussion of my life spanned through my highschool friend to some of my teachers till it reached my first job. The manger described my first interview. I didn't even know it was an interview. My father just told me to go in and talk to the manger. I was embarrassed when he expected a resume and I was wearing a tanktop. 

My guides tell me to be a good mother. I try to be. My son can be difficult and acts up if we alter his routine at all. Granaville Island is putting on a play called, The Cat in the Hat. It was excellent and my son enjoyed it. Putting him in a different location away from home was distressing for him. He refused to get off the floor of the bus on the way home. I had to carry him half the way because he did the banana (limply refusing to proceed), he spat on my brother (I didn't know that he could spit), and wouldn't stop beating on on his sister and the kids in the park. It was a hard day on both of us. I know he had fun but at what cost?

On a side note. I'm in the process of obtain a Bio 12 text book so I can refresh my memory on basic human anatomy. It will only help me understand the functioning of the human body and how each neuron processes and how neurotransmitters affect behavior and into the brain. I love studying the brain and behavior. I wonder if psychics have a portion of their brain that is overly developed as a result of them trying to figure out what others are thinking. This question probably hasn't been address but maybe I can find similar results.

Anyways. Love to my children.

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