Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Feb 26, 2013

The planets are causing havoc on the planet once again. As in 2011, I am feeling the pressure against me. This pressure gives me the opportunity to practice my skills of love and understanding.
I have an uncanny ability to bring out the worst in people. My Karmic debt helps others understand that their own anger and frustration is there to teach them a karmic lesson. My angels has taught me many lessons but have helped me more. I see every set back as an opportunity to learn to understand the universe.

Since I was a young girl, 5+, I had these values within me that no one else followed. I couldn't understand why people would hurt others, be consumed with materialism and want to pass their time being angry. When I was 11, I made a vow to experience all there was to be angry and hurt about. At the time I wanted to understand people's motives. I look back at this decision and am grateful for the experiences the universe has brought to me.

Past life. I remember a protest, fire and being hit in the back of the head and dying. The era seemed like the 60's but I'm not certain about this. Sometimes I wonder if this memory part of the reason that I feel as though I am meant to help people on a spiritual level.

I walked past someone in a suit outside of the community center yesterday and internally heard the conversation he was having on his cell phone. I will never reveal what I hear because it is none of my business. At time my schizophrenic abilities are disturbing. Unfortunately what I hear is the truth. When I tune in I can hear more than I care to. It's hard to live life with my gifts. To have other people's grandparents and love ones trying to communicate to me. I would choose not to hear his conversation on his cellphone because I have vowed not to talk about others thoughts and conversations. I do receive helpful information from people and my spirit guides.

Respect everyone. Treat rumors as a way to control your thoughts and diminish this respect. Why would someone spread them? Are they fearful of their own actions coming to light? When you disrespect the universe and the people within it the universe sends you the same energy. Accept and respect.

The thrill my daughter gets from dancing and singing bring me joy. Womanly cycles tire me and I am brought energy by watching my daughter dance.

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