Thursday, 28 February 2013

Feb 28, 2013

I am certainly surprised that anyone has looked at my blog. Thank you for your interest.

According to whomever told me in my head, people who have the life lesson of the right hand Apollo finger whorl with mainly loops, are often very bitter people. These people find their lives are thrust into the spotlight and either hide from the spotlight or thrive within it. Understanding this spotlight is essential to their beings because without complete acceptance they'd never be able to perform. Possibly, always being under the spotlight equals accepting others unconditionally in order to perform? Unconditional love hmmmm

The ability to accept others unconditionally is synonymous with understanding others actions, thoughts and lives. This understanding must be quick and decisive as our emotions are. We can hate as easily as we love. Accepting our own emotions is the first step on the path of acceptance. You know the second.

One of the sutras I would repeat when I felt overwhelming anger towards my community or whomever was..
Those who harm me come against me,
Summoned by. my evil karma
But they will be the ones who go to hell (Samara, etc)
And so it is myself who bring their ruin.

I would feel angry when people would question my intelligence because I was taught to judge people based on intelligence early in life. This teaching lead me to surround myself with people who agreed with me and wouldn't question my intelligence. How limiting. I am not well educated, well spoken etc.. so was I to feel sorry for myself for the rest of my life? I didn't want to limit myself further by placing undue value on something else, why would I want to be angry.

Slowly my life has changed into one of ease and acceptance. I have problems with many people on a daily basis but I try not to react. Emotions are natural and should be felt and expressed but we shouldn't clench our heart chakras. This clenching will result in an emotional blowout that doesn't help us deal with our emotions effectively. By accepting others, my anger, my upbringing, my children I have effectively challenged myself to a duel. Shred the experience with the sword and the faster. I'll save another journey for today.

If you followed any of my post I would like you to do one thing today.....
 Ask yourself, Why Am I Angry?

Some of the most influential and amazing people I've met on my journey live in the Whistler area. Tonight I will light a candle in their honour because they mean the world to me, even if I have limited social skills outside of the psychic studio.

Peace to all.

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