Thursday, 28 February 2013

Feb 28th, 2013 continued

Mars represents our anger and our drive in both astrology and palm reading. Anger again.

What makes me angry. I was thinking of my father. I find his view on the world limiting and have struggled to accept that I can't change him or anyone else. I created an imaginary conversation with him.
Dad: Why would I want to change myself (?) he asked me in relation to my former post about anger.
To this I replied, you wouldn't.

The major problem with self help is that in order to change into a happier successful, richer person you need to follow these steps and follow this mantra that maybe one other person around you believes in. If you are asking yourself how can I be more happy, rich, beautiful? then you'll never be these things.
You ask me: Why? 
I answer: Why does being rich, happy, beautiful matter to you?
That's what everyone wants/I was raised to believe this/my friends believe this/
Ha ha ha. You are bringing out my karma and I accept you. (this is my anger coming out because I must accept that the other person doesn't understand)
Fool, how can I get more rich, happy or beautiful?
Well if focus all your energy and every aspect of your life on it maybe you'll surround yourself with enough people who will tell you that you are rich and famous or happy or beautiful. Inwardly you will know you are not rich and famous etc.., you are struggling. This struggle is because of your values and contradictory forces in the way.
I'll bet the bottle collector outside your house thinks you are a fool for throwing away money and wasting your money on cars, clothing and shelter. I painted a woman's home in Whistler who collected bottles, she looked poor but this wasn't the only rental property she owned. These are different people who have something in common, they profit from what people consider garbage.

Life is a matter of perception and not everyone can get over their values and emotional hurdles in order to get what they want out of life. That is their struggle.

I believe in karma. Karma has a magical way of teaching us our life lessons through our struggles. When you take everyday as a lesson and stop struggling then you will truly succeed.

There are many reason's we choose to live our lives the way we do. Don't try to change other people's lives, if they aren't listening they don't care. Help people by understanding them and being kind to them.

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